This is SubtlePattern.

this website is a good resources if you want to use pattern :)

their pattern is beautiful. And you can submit one too, if you have one…

Check them out if you have time, and check them out if you want to use one XD

Awesome food photography + behind the scene

other food photo’s :

found by:

beautiful website.. awesome song too…

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Found on - LINK

vintage maxnessssss


Found on - LINK

vintage maxnessssss

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" The Lalaloopsy were once a rag dolls who magically came to life when their very last stitch was sewn. Each dolls has their own personality that came from the fabric used to make them. Lalaloopsy lived in whimsical world full of silly surprises, including mini lalaloopsy and fun lalaloopsy play-sets and accessories! "


(the web is not really my type but it will do, and the one I want is mini lalaloopsy, they are so…….. mini!!!!!—> a little bit taller than sylvanian families…. or is it because of their packaging? I never know until I buy it, I guess :))

Apparently it was from the same company :

Who actually made :


the image is a bit…. something (I really think it’s because of the plain purple background though). Love them though—> the life reality dolls, not the photographed image above.


seems fun, but not my forte I guess. :)


smaller head… smaller lips.. (than bratz)—> never realize them any different than bratz until recently though… and characters too. (Lexa, Bria, Avery, Sophina)


I don’t know.. there seems to be character in this moxie teen (Melrose, Bijou,Tristen Arizona)… and that they are more fashion oriented and they wear hat…?  
… Anddddd their background music at their website…. really… reeeeally brainwash me.


this is scarily.. scary….. I think.. toddler face.. fashion body oriented… bratz body proportion….


BUUUGGGSS!!!! So colorfull @_@ i never know there is this…. love.. love… lovee…

(just bump into this :D)


"live before your feet live creatures so fuzzy, silly, small you’ll want to have them all"…. INDEED!!! TT.TT

cheers. :D

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Beautiful Korean Illustration.

Yesterday, I stumble upon a book in a bookstore (heh…) and I kinda hooked from the start by it’s illustration. It’s about physics for kids. And the illustration….

I just mention the illustration twice right? It was because it IS awesome…..

I didn’t know the illustrator’s name exactly. Since in the book there are multiple illustrator… so I kinda surfed the net. And see a lot of another beautiful artworks…


And there is a whole lot of it in:

OH MY GOD!! love it! love it!

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29 Things All Young Designers Need to Know


Doug Bartow and his colleagues at id29 have designed this poster to share 29 things they think all new designers need to know, which will help make the shift from design student to design professional easier.

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